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Y1 IT Learning

Horseshoe Bats have been IT whizzes this week, learning how to log on to chrome books using their special personal username and password! They did super team work in pairs and helped each other to troubleshoot any problems.

Natterer Bats’ ‘Best Day Ever’!

Natterer Bats had the "BEST DAY EVER" today (26th February 2020) as Grace from Young Blooms taught us how to plant daffodil bulbs and arrange flowers. The children were thrilled to take home their creations. Please take pictures of the daffodils as they grow.

Immersive WW2 day in Year 6

Year 6 started the new term with a brilliant immersive WW2 day. We packed our suitcases, created name labels, watched old film footage and talked about how it would have felt to be evacuated

Year 2 Scented Gardens

What an amazing start to Year 2's Scented Garden topic. They started by finding out facts about plants from information books. They then swapped petals to read each other’s facts before using them to make fact flowers for their display. This afternoon (24th February...

Year 1 Term 3 Fabulous Finish

Wow, what fantastic Dinosaur Museums Year One! Your families loved seeing all your hard work and you were all brilliant Museum Guides! Y1 had so much fun sharing their fact files, dinosaur biscuits, sockasauruses, dinosaur Beebot mat and other dinosaur work with their...

Year 5 Peasants’ Revolt speeches

Year 5 children showed incredible courage and skill when reading their brilliant Peasants' Revolt speeches to parents today (13th February 2020). It truly was a Fabulous Finish and show-cased amazing progress in oracy, writing and learning from history. Wat Tyler...

Y6 research and investigations

Our Y6 children at have been working hard researching the question ‘Are different tools better for picking up different types of seeds?’ They created a hypothesis, wrote a method making sure to identify the variables, carried out the investigation, created a graph...

We The Curious!

Year 4 children visited We The Curious today. They had the opportunity to explore the centre and watch a science show called ‘Splash and Bubble’, which engaged them with liquids, gases and ideas about volume and measuring.

Term 3 in Bechsteins

Term 3 in Bechsteins

Bechsteins focused a lot of their learning on renewable energy this term, alongside fun activities in PE (Tag Rugby and Art (talking photos following the 'rule of thirds' technique).  The term finished with a fantastic trade show where the children demonstrated their...

Year 3 Topic update

Year 3 Topic update

Our Term 2 topic in Barbastelles was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We began our topic by transforming our classroom into the land of Narnia, and imagined what we would see when we stepped through our own wardrobes. Through the term we wrote fantastic...

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