Parent Communications

Term 6

Before and after school care bookings for Term 1_September 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL Newsletter 23 June 2021

Year 6_Leavers_18 June 2021

Parent Conversation Booking_Term 6_17 June 2021

CSL concert_Year 4_16 June 2021

Parent Letter_ Y5 Taster Days_15 June 2021

Y4_Sex and Relationships Education Letter_15 June 2021

Y5_Sex and Relationships Education Letter_10 June 2021

Y6_Sex and Relationships Education Letter_08 June 2021

Y2_Sex and Relationships Education Letter_08 June 2021

Term 5

Year 6_Performance -_Shakespeare Rocks_28 May 2021

Before and after school care bookings _Term 6_27 May 2021

Y3_Sex and Relationships Education Letter_25 May 2021

Y1_Sex Education letter_25 May 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_18 May 2021

Year 5_Clarendon_10 May 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_10 May 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_4 May 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_27 April 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_19 April 2021

Term 4

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_1 April 2021

Y6_WW2 Immersion Day_1 April 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Easter Holiday Public Health Letter_1 April 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_26 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_19 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Breakfast Club and After School Care_25  March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Fraser Portraits Letter_16 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_12 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_5 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_COVID Household Testing_4 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_26 February 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_March Reopening_26 February 2021

Term 3

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_12 February 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_World Book Day_11 February 2021

YEAR R_Moving from Zoom to Google_9 February 2021

YEAR R_Maternity Leave Cover_8 February 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_5 February 2021

YEARS 3 – 6_Reading Books_5 February 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Academy Advisory Group_4 February 2021

YEARS 1 – 6_Maths Workshops Recordings_3 February 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Appointment of new Headteacher_29 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_29 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Healthy Lunches_26 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_ Newsletter_22 January 2021

YEARS 1 – 6_Maths Workshops_19 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_15 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_8 January 2021 

WHOLE SCHOOL_Responses to work_7 January 2021

NURSERY_How to access Seesaw_6 January 2021

YEAR R_How to access Seesaw_6 January 2021

YEARS 1 – 6_How to access Seesaw and Google_6 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Keyworker Children_5 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_School Closure Notice_4 January 2021

Term 2

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_17 December 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Year 6 Teachers_17 December 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Videos_17 December 2020

YEAR R_Start Times_16 December 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_What to do if your child tests positive during the Christmas holidays_14 December 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_11 December 2020

COVID-19 Symptoms_7 December 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_4 December 2020

SELECTED PARENTS_Christmas Performance Consent_2 December 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_27 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Music Lessons_27 November 2020

YEAR R_Social Distancing_26 November 2020

YEAR 2_Phonics Screen Check_26 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Term 3 Before and After School Care Bookings_24 November 2020

YEAR 2_Sex Education_23 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_20 November 2020

YEAR 6_Sex Education_20 November 2020

YEAR R_Video Meeting Instructions_20 November 2020

YEAR R_Video Meeting Invite_20 November 2020

YEAR 3_Sex Education_20 November 2020

YEAR 1_Flu Vaccinations for Year 1 Children_17 November 2020

YEAR 4_Sex Education_16 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_13 November 2020

NURSERY_Packed Lunches_11 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_School Photos Cancelled_9 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Flu Vaccine Reminder_9 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_6 November 2020

RECEPTION PARENTS_Phonics Workshops_6 November 2020

YEAR 3 AND YEAR 6_Times Table Rock Stars_5 November 2020

Term 1

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_23 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Changes to After School Care Bookings_20 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_16 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Be Bright & Be Seen_19 October 2020

NURSERY_Drop offs and pick ups in Term 2_15 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Black History Month_13 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_9 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Before School Club and After School Care Bookings_9 October 2020

NURSERY_Lunches from Term 2_9 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_World Mental Health Day_7 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Christmas Cards_5 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_2 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Parent Communication 28 September 2020_Flu Vaccine Consent

WHOLE SCHOOL_Parent Communication 28 September 2020_Flu Vaccine Reminder

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_25 September 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Parent Communication 23 September 2020_Help Logging in to the Parent Consultation Service

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_18 September 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Parent Communication Attachment_COVID-19 Information: A quick guide for parents / carers

WHOLE SCHOOL_Parent Communication 16 September 2020_COVID Symptoms Guidance

WHOLE SCHOOL_Parent Communication 16 September 2020_Face coverings at drop off and collection times 

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_11 September 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_4 September 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Welcome Back Letter_28 August 2020

Email Addresses

We send all of our parent letters out via email. Please make sure we have the correct email address for you. 

You can update all of your contact information, including your email address, via SIMS Parent. 

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