Information for parents and carers on plans for the wider opening of Castle Mead School & Nursery – September 2020

Education, I believe, is the most incredible positive force for change in the world. Through education, people can exercise informed choice, freedom of thought and expression and the means by which to improve themselves and their communities.

As a teacher and school leader I am passionately committed to giving children the opportunity to become the best that they can possibly be in life. Key to this is creating a learning environment that will provide the highest quality teaching and a rich diversity of experiences to inspire both children and adults alike. I believe a school is the centre of a community and the exciting challenge of leading a school and developing strong meaningful relationships with all members of our community, where education is truly valued, is both humbling and inspiring.

I am motivated to lead Castle Mead School through my passionate belief that children deserve excellence from their educators and that all pupils deserve the right to become self-determined lifelong learners, captivated by the magic of discovery and excited by the power of learning.
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Mrs Tracy Boulton, Head of School, Castle Mead School

Are you concerned?

We are signed up to a secure, online messaging and reporting tool called Whisper which allows parents to contact us if you have any concerns, worries, if there is anything bothering you, or you feel we can help. This way of contacting us is anonymous.

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