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“Welcome to the Pipstrelles Nursery page. Here you will find out all about what our Nursery children are up to this term. If you have any questions about our topics, please talk to a member of the Pipistrelles team or call the school office.”

Mrs Rogers, Nursery Lead

Term 2 2020

This term we have been off to a super start with lots of different celebrations. We have been talking lots about Remembrance Day and looking at poppies, and creating our own poppies using cellophane sticking, coloured rice and potato printing. We have also been busy getting spotty for Children In Need!
We will be creating beautiful tea light holders from play dough and decorating rangoli patterns, as we learn about Diwali, The Festival of Light.

We have been creating some amazing obstacle courses using wooden planks, crates and tyres in the garden and thinking about how to move our bodies in different ways to overcome obstacles. We have enjoyed practising our gross motor skills on the balance bikes and trikes in the garden and listening to start stop instructions using our traffic lights. We have been playing aiming and throwing bean bag games in small groups to encourage hand-eye coordination, turn taking and comparison.

Our core books this term are Each Peach Pear Plum, where we are spending a lot of time looking at the pictures and spotting the different characters on each page. This has led to many simple description ‘I spy’ style games with the children. Our next core book is ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear …’ which is an amazing book that looks at different colours and animals, we are planning to do lots of colour sorting, going on colour hunts around nursery and the garden to see what colours are in our environment and we are also going to retell the story using picture prompts to help us recall key events in the story. This will then lead us into our Winter and Christmas influenced core books, where we will be planning to wrap and discuss different shaped presents, draw letters and cards for our loved ones and further explore sensory play. We are planning to create a winter wonderland inspired area in the garden to encourage and enhance role play outside. 

Term 1 2020

This term, we have been enjoying strengthening our fine motor skills using lots of different activities such as picking up and sorting pom poms using tweezers, exploring play dough and threading with spaghetti and pasta.
We have spent lots of time outside enjoying the garden, we have been practising our gross motor and balancing skills using different equipment in the garden and rolling the tyres to our friends to build relationships. 
We have been looking at and drawing some leaves, conkers and pumpkins and discussing the changes that are happening and using these to explore the start of Autumn.  

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