Horseshoe Bats (Y1) and Whiskered Bats (YR and Y1)

Our Teachers

Miss Mili James
Mr Steve Savage

Our Teaching Assistants

Miss Kia Jones
Miss Bethany Bailey

What We’re Learning

Term 1

How am I different to an animal? 

 What is Autumn? 

Term 2

What was our school like in the past? 

What is the weather like in winter? 

Term 3

What are things made of? 

What are the signs of Spring?

Term 4

How do plants grow? 

How do Bees and Butterflies help us? 

Term 5

What is a city? 

Where does the Queen live?  

Term 6

What can you find under water? 

What is the weather like in Summer? 

Our Class Photos

Other Classes

What We Learnt in Reception

Term 1

The Three Little Pigs

Term 2

The Great Explorer

Term 3

Reach For The Stars

Term 5

Amazing Mini Beasts

Term 6

The Rainbow Fish

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