Bats Class (Complex Needs Resource Base)

Our Teachers

Mrs Gaby Simons
Miss Emma Attree
Mrs Susie Mills
Mrs Rachel Brotherton



Our Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sarah Jagot
Miss Leah Wiltshire
Mrs Paige Sheppard
Mrs Kirsty Fogarty
Mrs Emma Bath
Mrs Sammi Johns
Mrs Ruth Smith
Miss Mya Wootten
Mr Noah Heard
Mrs Kerry Hodge


What we’re learning

Term 1 Bats 1

How have I changed?

Term 1 - Bats 2

How have I changed?

Term 1 - Bats 3

How have I changed?

Term 2

How do I make my fairy lights work?

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

In the news!

May 2021

The Wiltshire Times ran a story about our end-of-term Fairytale Ball!

December 2021

BBC Points West featured us on their Christmas celebration advent calendar

Class photos

Other Classes

What We Learnt Last Year

Term 1

Me And My Family

Term 2

Making Journeys

Term 3

Why does my hot chocolate go cold?

Term 4

Where does milk come from?

Term 5 - Bats 1 and 2

Where does bread come from?

Term 5 - The Den

Where do potatoes come from?

Term 6

What is a beach?

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